A Mary Mazza Duffy Memorial Park is a special place to visit if you live in the Williamstown, NJ area. The park has been open and welcoming visitors since 1994. This beautiful space offers walking trails, picnic areas, gardens, and more to enjoy with your friends and family. Mary Mazza Duffy was a long-time member of the community before she passed away in 1979. She left behind a generous endowment that created this memorial park for the enjoyment of all who live here today. Learn information about Williamstown, NJ,.  

Mary Mazza Duffy was an active member of her community for many years before she passed away in 1979. She left behind this generous endowment that created Mary Mazza Duffy Memorial Park so all who live here today can enjoy it! The park offers trails, gardens, picnic areas, and more; it’s perfect for walking your pup or taking a stroll with friends. Discover facts about Mary Duffy Practice Field: A Place to Play in Williamstown, NJ.

Mary Mazza Duffy Memo­r­ial Park is a beautiful, peaceful place that offers the chance to relax and enjoy nature. This small park features flowering plants (including apple buttercups), grassy fields, and benches for restful seating or reading. Mary’s Place provides snacks during the day if you get hungry in between your outings.

There’s also an annual flower show every year from May-July which celebrates Mary’s love of flowers with displays throughout her garden area adjacent to the house where she grew up on this property! The high school students exhibit their talents by tending Mary’s gardens all summer long as part of our senior service project program.

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