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Trendy Bathroom Updates: Doorless Showers

Trendy Bathroom Updates: Doorless Showers

If you will be getting a bathroom remodeling in Burlington County NJ, then you should consider getting doorless showers. Doorless showers are a growing trend with several great benefits. 

Increase the Amount of Space You Have in Your Bathroom

If your bathroom does not have a lot of space, then you can increase the amount of space that you have by installing a doorless shower. A doorless shower does not take up as much space as a regular shower or bathtub. A doorless shower can also give you the illusion of having more space in your home.


Doorless showers can add a luxury appeal to your bathroom space. They can give your bathroom a more modern and lavish look and bring your bathroom up to date.


There is a reason that doorless showers are growing in popularity among older people. Older people often have trouble getting in and out of the shower. Doorless showers are more accessible than regular showers. This is not only great for older people, but it is also great for anyone who has mobility issues.

Save Money on Installation Costs

The cost of doorless installation can vary greatly. However, you won’t have to pay as much for doorless installation because there is less labor involved in it. You also don’t need a specialty drain if you have a doorless shower.

Create a Spa Inside of the Bathroom

You can replicate the spa experience by installing doorless showers. You can choose the material that you want your doorless shower to be made out of. This includes glass, tile, and wood. It will be a place that you can come and de-stress after a long day.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Space Today

Whether you are looking for an added luxury in your bathroom or an affordable modern look, you can learn more about the best curtainless and doorless shower for your home by contacting us today!


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