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Things to Know About Heated Bathroom Floors

Things to Know About Heated Bathroom Floors

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the house, and it is also among the dirtiest. Millions of germs are tracked into the bathroom daily; once they get there, they can spread quickly. Filthy floors can harbor a lot of bacteria, but luckily there is an effective way to mitigate this problem: heated bathroom floors. If you want a solution to keep your floors clean and your family healthy, you should consider heated options for your next bathroom renovation project. Here are the things you should know about heated bathroom floors:

Heated Floors Use Much Less Power Than Radiant Heating

The heat from a forced air system or hot water radiators can be costly to run consistently, but this is rarely the case with heated bathroom floors. Utilizing small electric coils under the flooring, these systems only require a little electricity to keep your bathroom warm and comfortable. They do not cycle on and off like other heating forms; instead, they maintain a constant temperature that lasts for as long as the floor is turned on. That can save you quite a bit of money over time.

Heated Floors Are A good Option For Large Bathrooms

For larger areas such as master baths, heated bathroom floors are often the best option. Tile flooring is great for bathrooms because it allows water to drain easily and does not trap moisture underfoot like carpet. A traditional heating system for a large bathroom can be an expensive and cumbersome addition, but floor heating is relatively small and unobtrusive when undertaking bathroom remodeling in Kenilworth, NJ. That makes heated floors ideal for larger bathroom spaces, especially if you want to accentuate your bathroom design with unique tile.

Heated Floors Are Easy To Install

Compared to other forms of home heating, installing heated bathroom floors is relatively simple. All you need to do is run small electric cables through your floors and install them under the tiles. These electric coils heat the floor every time they are turned on, and a temperature controller will adjust the amount of power these systems require. 

Heated Floors Can Reduce Bacteria On The Floor

A bathroom is a common place for germs to get into houses from elsewhere in homes without proper cleaning. Because a clean bathroom is critical to good health and hygiene, this can be a problem if you do not have the right measures in place. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to clean bathrooms due to all the moisture trapped inside, but putting heated floors in will change all that for any Monmouth County bathroom remodeling project. Warm floors will help raise the temperature of your bathroom and encourage bacteria growth to die off while preventing new bacteria from ever taking root. That can help keep your family healthy and ensure your home remains clean as a whistle.

Heated Floors Are Much Safer Than Wet Tiles

Warmed floors help prevent dangerous slips and accidents. When it’s cold outside, snow melts into water that can spill onto your bathroom floor through cracks in the windows or other openings by accident. Heated floors help keep your bathroom safe and secure by keeping moisture at bay.

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