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At Five Star Home Remodeling, basement waterproofing is our specialty! Let our team of talented designers, architects, and technicians take the room of your dreams and make it a reality! Know that your project is in safe hands with one of New Jersey’s most trusted, talented and established contractors.

Basement Drainage

Relieving Hydrostatic Pressure: The best warranty to relieve hydrostatic pressure is from the inside of the basement. To install a pressure relief system (a French Drain) you must open the floor around the perimeter of the basement floor. Our Grate Drain Waterproofing System is perfect for this. We protect from water coming from the footer direction AND from under the basement floor.


Installing Sump Pumps

Installing Sump pumps and Battery Back up Systems are useless if a Grate Drain Waterproofing system is not installed properly. The reason to have a sump pump is to collect the water flow that is produce from the (french drain) basement drainage system. The average sump system at 1/3 hp will manage 2400 gallons per hour, which is more than sufficient in most cases.


Repair Foundation Walls & Structural Issues

Usually bows, cracks, bulges, and buckling in basement foundation walls happen most frequently in more established structures. However, newer constructed buildings are not immune to quickly developing settling concerns. As soil settles outside foundation walls at differing rates, it expands and contracts with seasonal freezing and thawing processes because of hydrostatic pressure in the water table.


Waterproof & Mold Coatings

Always apply an “EPA” Mold Coating to foundation walls, not Dry-Loc!

Our goal is to control moisture and humidity in your basement. Basement waterproofing will improve the conditions in the basement and limit the ability for mold to grow. Crawl Spaces and Basements are both ideal places for mold to get out of control. Select Basement can help you address these trouble spots and keep the mold from reaching hazardous levels.


Thermal Armor Vapor Barrier – Wall Protection

Installing a Thermal Armor Vapor barrier will save on energy bills as well as, eliminate problems with moisture and water coming through the basement or crawl space walls.

Reflective Insulation has become a standard component of a total basement insulation system, and it’s a tax-deductible.


Hydro Tex – Additional Basement Waterproofing

Break-through Technology: “HydroTex Floor & Wall Membrane Coating”. 100% Basement Waterproofing for Floors and Walls!

Anyone thinking of finishing a basement will require 100% moisture and water protection. Look no further than our HydroTex Wall and Floor Membrane. Unlike conventional sealants and epoxies – HydroTex will never chip, peel, crack, blister or breakdown.


Dehumidifiers – Basement Humidity Control

Say goodbye to that Basement Smell: A dehumidifier on steroids that you never have to empty! WOW! We carry the SantaFe line of dehumidifiers for basements and crawl spaces. They also tie directly into our Grate Drain Waterproofing System.

In most cases you would need five dehumidifiers to maintain 2000 sq. ft. of basement environment at 42% R/H. Imagine doing that with one unit at 5 times less the cost of electricity. Excessive relative humidity in the basement will rot your home – like termites destroys wood. Humidity and Moisture are also the major culprits for basement molds, dust mites, termites, spiders and other insects is moisture.


With over 23 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


“I had a basement wall & floor pressure relief system installed in the basement. My old smelly, moldy basement is no longer a problem since Five Star performed the work.”

Cheryl – Cherry Hill, NJ

“My basement was leaking and causing interior damage. Five Star waterproofed my entire basement. No more leaks!”

Toby – Swedesboro, NJ

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