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If you live in Westville, NJ and you want your home renovated, we’re here for you! Five Star Home Remodeling has expert designers and contractors that can make your home look better.


Best Bath & Kitchen Remodelers in Woodbury, NJ

A Woodbury, NJ native, Five Star Home Remodeling started to fulfill the city’s need for a reputable remodeling company that delivers high-quality service. 27 years later, we’re still going strong. The residents of Woodbury, NJ can attest to how much we take our work seriously.

Remodeling vs. Renovation

What’s The Difference?

Remodeling and renovation are words people use interchangeably, but they’re different.

Remodeling involves a huge change in the kitchen or bathroom. Tearing everything out of the room and making it unusable until the project is finished. The result is a brand new room with everything changed, from the fixtures to the layout.

Renovation, on the other hand, doesn’t involve drastic changes. It’s mostly keeping the existing rooms in the best shape possible.

The most popular renovation and remodeling types happen in the kitchen. These are the parts of the house that see the most use.

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We use the bathroom to get ourselves clean and presentable or when we just want to relax, we lie back in the tub.

The kitchen takes a lot of wear and tear. Heat, water, all kinds of spills – kitchens can take a lot of abuse. Making sure that the heart of your home can continue to serve its purpose is what renovations and remodeling are about.

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What Are The Types of Remodeling Services Available?

Bathroom Remodeling

When the tiles go out of style or the tub loses its shine is where bathroom remodeling comes in. Our talented designers, technicians, and architects work together to give you the most comfortable bathroom.

Kitchen Remodeling

A home’s kitchen is considered the heart of a home. This is where food is cooked and good conversations start. This is the place people gravitate to. Kitchen remodeling involves rebuilding the kitchen from the ground up. From the floors to the appliances, our expert designers and installers replace them according to your tastes.


What are the Benefits of Remodeling Services?

Add Value To Your Home

Selling your home? Remodeling can add value to the property. New fixtures and appliances will drive its price up. Buyers will also give special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms of the home. They’ll be impressed with the rooms’ conditions.

Decrease Maintenance & Utility Costs

Our services across the extended areas can increase the efficiency of your home. From bathroom remodeling in Woodbury to kitchen remodeling in Mount Ephraim, NJ can decrease any maintenance in the future. Due to this, you won’t have to worry about your fixtures and appliances suddenly giving up on you. Modern fixtures and appliances are also more energy-efficient. They also adhere to modern building codes and standards.

Upgrade an Older Home

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling breathes a new life into your home. Older homes have their charms, but sometimes they don’t reflect your style. Remodeling will help you show off your tastes.

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We provide the best remodeling services in Woodbury, NJ, and Westville, NJ. 23 years of being one of the city’s most sought-after contractors. If your home needs remodeling, you can count on us. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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