Upgrade Your Home With Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling Services in Sewaren & Fords, NJ

 Are your furniture, appliances, and home space starting to feel outdated and cramped? Are you looking to add value to your house in Woodbridge, NJ? It may be time to consult experts in bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling in South Plainfield, NJ, and Woodbridge, NJ.

During our free consultation, once we find out how many repairs are needed, we will often recommend kitchen or bathroom renovations to take a proactive approach and avoid more repairs down the line.

Who We Are

Our team at Five Star Remodeling is composed of skilled home remodeling specialists who have years of industry experience while serving both private and commercial customers in Woodbridge, NJ. When our company was established our goal was to provide qualified knowledge and excellent workmanship at an affordable cost to our customers in Woodridge.

In our 27 years of providing our services in Fords, NJ, and Avenel, NJ, we have focused on customer satisfaction by making sure that our customers understand our solutions and why they are the best options. Our customers have always been part of every step of our kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling processes.

We offer great attention to detail when it comes to bathroom remodeling, kitchen cabinet replacements, and other renovations.

The depth of our experience in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling spans a variety of projects including contemporary, modern, industrial, and even zen homes. We offer our design services, addition and expansion services, and complete rebuilding services to residents of Fords, NJ, and Avenel, NJ.

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Our Remodeling Services Include:


A kitchen remodeling or kitchen cabinet project always starts with a design. We work with our customers in Woodbridge to create a design that will reflect their personalities and lifestyles, then integrate them into their existing home structure.

We are eager to listen to our customers’ inspirations. Design inspirations may come from magazines and TV programs, and we personalize them for our customers’ homes in Woodbridge, NJ.

We specialize in storage solutions, such as bathroom and kitchen cabinets in Perth Amboy, NJ, that blend with your home’s overall interior design.


Get an additional bathroom or a larger kitchen at your current home. We will work with you to achieve your desired home without having to move.

Other Services

Along with kitchen and bathroom services, we pride ourselves on being all-around home remodeling specialists in Woodbridge, NJ. We are experts at roofing, sidings, and basement renovation services in Woodbridge, NJ, Fords, NJ, and Avenel, NJ.


Our Satisfied Customers

We have always aimed to be the best at providing value, quality work, and great service to our customers in Woodbridge, NJ. Our carefully planned bathroom renovation solutions and schedules allowed us to work within our customers’ budgets while taking pride in the quality of our work.

bathroom remodeling woodbridge nj
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