Renovations, such as bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and kitchen cabinets remodeling, are tough jobs to do alone. That’s why our team at Five Star Remodeling is here to help.

Our team of professionals has done many remodeling jobs over the years, leaving many satisfied customers. We make old kitchen cabinets look new again and do entire room remodels such as kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. Through our superior New Jersey services, you’ll have a kitchen and bathroom that look brand new again.


Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodelers in Keyport & Keansburg, NJ

New Jersey has a vast history, and its towns and cities are filled with older homes. While renovating older homes has become more popular to the people of New Jersey, many cities and towns still have homes that need renovations to help improve the quality of people’s lives.

A new bathroom and kitchen in New Jersey will not only make your home better design-wise, but it will also make your home more practical. If you have run-down kitchen cabinets, the doors may squeak, open on their own, or you may have difficulty opening them. At the same time, a run-down bathroom encourages stress rather than being the relaxing sanctuary you deserve after a long day.

Luckily, our team at Five Star Remodeling can now offer our services not only to Keyport, NJ but also to Keansburg, NJ. We can also reach homeowners in these areas:

  • Union Beach, NJ
  • Matawan, NJ
  • Middletown, NJ
  • Strathmore, NJ
  • Belford, NJ

Our team of professionals is here to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, as well as have bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling done.

No matter which of these cities you’re in, we’re sure to give you the unparalleled services you need to improve your home and, at the same time, improve your quality of life.

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Whether you need help in upgrading kitchen cabinets in Marlboro, NJ, bathroom remodeling services, or kitchen remodeling services, we’re here for you at Five Star Remodeling.

Why Invest In A Home Renovation Project in Cliffwood Beach, NJ?

While home renovations might seem unnecessary to some, it is a must to invest in them as it comes with several advantages, such as an increase in your home’s functionality and comfort. And if the time comes that you decide to sell it, these renovations can help you sell it for a better price.

But Cliffwood Beach, NJ homes aren’t the only ones that need these perks. Belford, NJ, Strathmore, NJ, Keyport, NJ, Middletown, NJ, Matawan, NJ, and Union Beach, NJ homeowners could also benefit from a home renovation project.

Our professional team at Five Star Remodeling can ensure that you’re able to experience these perks with our years of experience in the field and our talented team at an affordable price.

Our Team Is Made Up Of:


Our designers have an eye for remodeling your homes into the best aesthetics that fit your needs and wants. With years of experience in working with Belford, NJ, Strathmore, NJ, Cliffwood Beach, NJ, Keansburg, NJ, Keyport, NJ, Middletown, NJ, Matawan, NJ, and Union Beach, NJ homeowners, we’re sure that they can help you find the right design for your home.

Our designers also work closely together with our architects and technicians. As such, you’re guaranteed that your dream home will come to life without any hassle. From kitchen cabinets to even bathrooms, you’re sure that your home will be upgraded to the right design you want and need.



After our designers talk with you and settle on the right design for your needs, our architects are here to bring that design to life. Our architects draw up the specifications to ensure your home design is not only beautiful but that it’s practical and long-lasting.

And the best part of it is that no matter where you are in New Jersey – be it in Union Beach, NJ, Middletown, NJ, Keyport, NJ, Cliffwood Beach, NJ, or Keansburg, NJ – our architects will be there to help.

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Of course, our technicians are also on standby. Their expertise can ensure that every renovation in Union Beach, NJ, Matawan, NJ, or anywhere in New Jersey is free from technical issues related to lighting, electricity, and more. In addition, they can make sure any new fixtures are working as they should.

They will ensure that you will have peace of mind even after the renovation is done. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about fires, electrocution, power loss, and other issues that could affect the comfort of your home.

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