Five Star Remodeling has been servicing the people of New Jersey since 1995. We provide top-of-the-line workmanship and bring with us superior knowledge at an affordable price.

Never again will you think twice about that dream home project once you meet our seasoned crew. It’s our passion to turn your dreams into reality. We can handle all the remodeling your home needs, from roof to basement.


Our Team Collaborates With You To Make Your Vision a Reality in South Plainfield, NJ

Living in the Plainfield, or Fanwood, NJ area and looking for a crew to turn your ideal home into reality? Well, you’re in luck. Our team is always ready to collaborate on any remodeling job, in both South and North Plainfield, NJ. We’re talking about kitchen remodeling (including kitchen cabinets), bathroom remodeling, as well as repairs and improvements on your siding, roofing, doors, and windows.

We offer all of these services at an affordable rate. We will work with you on every detail and every phase of the remodeling job. That’s what collaboration means for us! From design to execution.

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Trusted Home Contracting Company in Fanwood, NJ

We wouldn’t have lasted for as long as we have if we weren’t one of the most trusted home contracting companies in South Plainfield or Fanwood, NJ. Our services, including home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling, are what we’ve been doing for the past 27+ years and we plan on continuing our passion for turning dream homes into reality for many more years to come.

From South Plainfield, NJ, to North Plainfield, NJ, we have thousands of remodeling projects under our belt. What makes us so effective apart from our expertise and experience? Well, we are always open to new ideas, we value integrity, and we always communicate with our beloved clients.

What Are the Benefits of Remodeling Your Home?

  • Increases Your Home’s Value
  • Decreases Maintenance & Utility Costs
  • Modernizes Your Home

Looking for that one last nudge to remodel your home? Or maybe just new kitchen cabinets or bathroom remodeling in Piscataway, NJ? Your home and quality of life will benefit a lot, even from something as simple as remodeling your kitchen cabinets in Cranford, NJ!

Yes, we are everywhere in the New Jersey area, and here are the reasons why you should remodel your home now!

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Increases Your Home’s Value

Getting your home’s value to rise can get a bit tricky. But, one thing is for sure, home remodeling will surely increase its value, whether that’s through kitchen remodeling or other services. That’s because upgrading parts of your house means that it’s now more reliable, functional, and improved aesthetically. A remodeled home is always going to be attractive to potential buyers.


Decreases Maintenance & Utility Costs

Anything outdated, damaged, or old can be very inefficient. Once its integrity is compromised, little by little you’ll be spending more money making up for its inefficiencies as opposed to just remodeling it. Remodeling saves you money because it’s cost-effective. The sooner you decide on it, the more you save. It’s high time to fix that leaking roof.


Modernizes Your Home

Keeping up with the times is one of the main reasons why we do home remodeling. It’s not for the sake of being hip or cool, but the upgrades will bring convenience into your daily life. Maybe you need to augment your house with a home office, turn it into a smart home, or just keep it more secure than it used to be. Modernization leads to a very comfortable life.

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