Thinking of changing things up a little bit in your home? Perhaps it’s time for a home remodeling project! Whether you need those kitchen cabinets redone or those bathroom tiles beautified, we’re the right team for the job.

We are Five Star Remodeling and we service mainly the area of Monmouth County, NJ. We offer all sorts of home remodeling projects including roofing repair, window repair, siding, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling. Our five-star service includes a seasoned crew of home remodeling experts who only employ the latest techniques, tools, and materials in all of our projects.

It doesn’t matter what type of home renovation project comes our way, whether it’s bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations, we always give it our 110%. Get to know us more and take advantage of our services especially if you live in the Monmouth County, NJ, area.

Our Team of Seasoned Remodelers

Our team of seasoned remodelers has seen it all. With over 27+ years of experience under our belts, whether it’s bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations, we always put our best foot forward to accomplish what’s required of us.

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodelings are our bread and butter, but all the services that we offer are top of the line. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients, which we like to think of as our partners, in every project.

We always make sure to incorporate your vision as the homeowner into the houses that we work on because after all, it’s you and your family who’s going to be living in it. Your comfort, convenience, and safety are a top priority and we take our work seriously even if we’re just redoing your kitchen cabinets.

We also only work with trusted and proven kitchen contractors and bathroom contractors.

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Our Wide-Ranging Services

Our wide-ranging services cover the entirety of the Monmouth County, NJ, area. But. of course, we also offer our diverse set of home remodeling expertise in the surrounding areas too.

Do you need bathroom remodeling in Allentown, NJ? Or maybe kitchen remodeling in Asbury Park, NJ

Whether you need a bathroom remodeling in Union Beach, NJ, or a professional kitchen remodeling in Red Bank, NJ we are here to ensure you receive the remodeling services. 

And, don’t forget about our top-notch roof, windows, and siding repair services, too.

If you need these services and live in these areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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Trusted Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelers in Monmouth County, NJ

We’ve serviced thousands of homes in over 20+ years of working in the Monmouth County, NJ, community. We’ve done countless kitchen renovations and beautified countless kitchen cabinets. And, you can bet that we’ve done a lot of bathroom renovation jobs, too.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted bathrooms and kitchen remodelers in the Monmouth County, NJ, area. What’s our formula? We know that remodeling these parts of your home is not just all about aesthetics but also the functionality.


Best Home Renovation Company in Monmouth County, NJ

We also pride ourselves on being the best home renovation company in the Monmouth County, NJ, area. Our confidence comes from the fact that we’ve built a solid bond with the community throughout the years.

They trust us and we love working with them and we plan to continue with our service for years to come. You won’t find more reliable bathroom contractors and kitchen contractors in the state.


We Offer the Following Services:

  • Design: We have some of the top designers in the industry to help us plan and design your home remodeling project.
  • Renovations: We will execute our laid-out plans to the best of our abilities.
  • Expansions: We will help you expand your home in such a way that it won’t only be all about space but also comfort, convenience, and living in style.
  • & More: If your home needs repair, a bathroom remodel, or there are parts of it that need attention, we will be there to assist.
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Let’s Start On That Dream Project Today!

Pondering upon that bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel plan for quite a while now? Maybe it’s time to pick up that phone and dial our number today.

Here at Five Star Remodeling, you can always count on five-star services. Looking for other service areas? Check out our bathroom remodeling in Long Branch, NJ, and across NJ!

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