Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelers in Cranbury & Concordia, NJ

Perhaps you’d like to update your now antiquated-looking home, or perhaps you moved into a new one. No matter what your exact situation may be, you may need some remodeling services, particularly for your kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling service providers in Cranbury, NJ can create spaces that match your lifestyle. Depending on your preferred materials, cost-effective solutions can clear up underutilized spaces and give the illusion of a larger home in Cranbury, NJ.

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We Are Five Star Remodeling

Five Star Remodeling was established in 1995 to respond to the market’s need for superior quality renovation and great customer support. Our services are anchored on the values of quality work and integrity, which have always been our guide when fulfilling our commitments.

In each of our projects, whether bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling, our goal is to satisfy our customers with every aspect of our work. Our years of industry experience allow us to merge up-to-date knowledge, excellent workmanship, and affordable costs, making us a premier choice for renovation contractors in Cranbury, NJ, and Concordia, NJ.

Our Services

With over a thousand completed projects, we became a renovation industry authority in Cranbury, NJ for our wide range of options, seamless additions and expansions, and complete renovation projects.

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We offer the following services:

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Remodeling Consultation

Our kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling consultants have worked on hundreds of concepts ranging from contemporary, modern, industrial, to minimalist, providing a wide variety of options to our customers.

Every home is personal and every project is unique, so we want to listen to our customer’s ideas and integrate them into workable solutions that we will implement into their homes.


We always want to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions. Kitchen remodeling in Windsor, NJ will ultimately save money in the long run, since you won’t purchase repair and touch-up solutions regularly. Removing defective kitchen cabinets and other fixtures and saving yourself from future worries.

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Other Services

Our success in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling in Concordia, NJ allowed us to expand our services to include a basement, siding, and roofing repairs. Our customers treat us as one of the best remodelers for their professional renovation needs.

In each of our services, we promise to provide our customers with the best value for their money through our excellent work and time-saving and efficient planning that will not exceed their budget.

What Our Valued Customers Say

Quality work and customer satisfaction are two of our top priorities. Our customers in Cranbury, NJ, and Concordia, NJ can attest to our commitment to deliver professional workmanship that fits their budget.

Many of our customers have asked us to return to renovate another portion of their homes. We have also met new customers through our previous clients’ referrals.

Rely On Us To Help You With Your Next Project

Our team of bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling customer service specialists is ready to answer your questions.

We’d love to work on your home renovation concepts. Let’s discuss during a free consultation and find out how you can turn your current house into your dream home.

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