If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful escape, then Monroe, New Jersey is the place to be. Located in Middlesex County with about 2,000 residents living there, this town has many things to offer its visitors. Monroe’s history can be traced back to 1684 when it was first settled by William Stevens who purchased land from the Lenni-Lenape Indians. The town got its name after President James Monroe visited in 1817 and was impressed by what he saw. Learn information about Williamstown, NJ.

Monroe, New Jersey is a quiet and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of life. The town offers visitors scenic views, fine dining restaurants, quaint shops for shopping, beautiful parks to enjoy nature’s beauty, historical sites with stories that span centuries, and much more. If you are looking for some peace away from the bustling world around you while still being close enough to visit when needed Monroe may be just what you need! Monroe offers the best of country living with small-town charm with welcoming neighbors, gorgeous two-acre park with tennis courts, soccer field, baseball diamond, and playground; an award-winning school district; low crime rate; many houses with yards; shopping mall for groceries and other needs. Discover facts about The Beauty of Monroe, New Jersey.

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