Milltown, New Jersey, is a picturesque little town on the Delaware River. It’s not what you would expect from a bustling metropolis, but this quiet town has some interesting history behind it. Milltown was originally settled in 1684 by Dutch settlers who made their way into Pennsylvania via the Hudson Valley. The settlement was known as “Kingston until 1829 when Milltown was formed from Kingston and Bridgeton townships.” It has much history to offer and was an important place during the Revolutionary War. Learn more here.

Milltown is home to many unique buildings like the Milltown Cemetery worth exploring for their beauty and uniqueness. Milltown also has a lot to offer in terms of food and entertainment. Milltown is home to the D&R canal, which is great for fishing and boating activities. The town hosts many festivals throughout the year that attract people from all over New Jersey, like their famous Bavarian Festival, where attendees can enjoy delicious German food! There’s something about this picturesque little village by the Delaware River that makes it worth exploring. Learn more about Sayreville, New Jersey: A Quick Guide for First Time Visitors.

The Milltown area began as an industrial hamlet along the Raritan River’s banks and quickly became part of Thomas Edison’s electrical empire. Today this small community holds on to its history with pride. The rich culture still thrives throughout the streets from those who have called Milltown home for generations past and present.

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