In Mary Duffy Practice Field in Williamstown, NJ, kids can enjoy a safe place to play. Designed specifically for children and toddlers, this park has features that are perfect for little ones like swings with rubberized seats and colorful playground equipment. There’s also a community center and soccer field which is great for families who want to spend time together outside. Learn more here.

The Mary Duffy Practice Field in Williamstown, NJ is a great place for kids to play. It has two baseball fields and four soccer fields that can be used year-round. The full-sized field accommodates both soccer and football with an eight-foot-high fence around the perimeter, while the half-size grassy field is perfect for these sports as well as some light hiking or walking. There are also plenty of benches located throughout the park where you could take time to sit down and enjoy nature before playing again. Learn more about Beautiful Nature Hikes- Owens Park in Williamstown, NJ.

While this is not your typical playground equipment they still have swings sets, monkey bars, slides, basketball courts (with nets), tennis court fences, ball return containers on poles at each end of basketball courts so players don’t have to go up for a rebound, and more!

The Mary Duffy Practice Field is the perfect place to play whether you’re an adult that just needs some time away from work or kids who need some exercise. Your options are endless at this park so come out today to experience it yourself!

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