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Facts About Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill’s population growth steadied through the late 1970s and early ’80s. Shopping, restaurants, commercial and industrial centers, high-rise apartment towers, schools, churches and synagogues grew with the burgeoning population, which reached about 70,000 by 1985. Attention shifted to the process of ongoing economic development, expanding educational excellence, enhancing the Township park system, managing regional traffic, and supporting cultural programs and the fine arts. Today, Cherry Hill remains South Jersey’s economic center. The Mall’s continued success is complemented by the complete overhaul of the now-defunct Garden State Park racetrack. More than $500 million in private investment is recreating the Park as a mixed-use town center near Cherry Hill. The healthcare and hospitality industries continue to expand, along with technology-related companies like Lockheed Martin, financial institutions like Commerce Bancorp, and manufacturing-based concerns such as Subaru of America, Inc.The Township aggressively pursues the purchase of remaining Open Space to enhance the community and ease the burden of potential over-development while maintaining an environmental balance, making Cherry Hill a strong economic competitor.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in Camden county, is 7 miles E of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cherry Hill is situated in a coastal plain in the Delaware Valley and is bordered by Pennsauken Creek and the Cooper River. Cherry Hill is home to the headquarters of Subaru of America, Commerce Bancorp and Pinnacle Foods. It’s known as an affluent city and is regarded as the economic center for South New Jersey. It includes a large number of luxury homes and numerous condominium communities. Several of the local schools have been recognized as “Star Schools” by the New Jersey Department of Education.

In fact, Smart Growth principles govern Township policy across the board, dictating the preservation of natural resources on every developed or improved property, increasing ‘walkability,’ offering incentives for the redevelopment of vacant structures and encouraging transit-oriented development and historic preservation. Cherry Hill remains what it has been for more than 160 years- a growing, prosperous community of diverse people who seek economic opportunity, a safe, secure environment in which to raise a family and who focus on education and the development of a society that ascribes to the highest standard of American living. In short, we like to say, “You couldn’t pick a better place!”


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