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How to Match Your Cabinets and Flooring

How to Match Your Cabinets and Flooring

As you choose cabinets and flooring for your home renovations in NJ, you need to ensure that you can coordinate different style elements such that you’ll manage to create that cohesive look. If you manage to get the right combination of textures and colors, you’ll manage to ensure the kitchen seems larger.

Some of the tips you should consider when carrying out kitchen cabinet remodeling in New Jersey include:

Investigate and Experiment

There are different options that you can try out when it comes to kitchen remodeling. You just need to carry out enough research. You can check different magazines and décor resources online. Also, trade shows come in handy. Focus on the look and colors that are of interest to you. Ensure you have a running list of the ideas you prefer.

You need to focus on the styles that will align with your interests. Focus on the themes. Do you prefer classic styles or muted colors? Do you want a modern kitchen that has primary or bold shades? During your renovation journey, you should start with this step.

Start with the Countertops

It is easy to match the cabinets and floors to the counters. If you start with the countertops, you’ll have an easier time coordinating everything. You should consider the colors and materials you need depending on your design and lifestyle preferences. The majority of homeowners usually prefer natural stone for kitchen surfaces since the appearance is luxurious and durable. You can also opt for other options such as concrete or wood. The materials you choose will depend on your entertainment and cooking needs.

Choose Timeless Cabinets, Countertops, and Flooring

Do you want your décor to last? Then you should opt for classic colors since they normally age well. You can utilize accessories that you can easily replace and also add some fashion and trendiness to your household. Small appliances, towels, curtains, wall paint, and different décor items can revitalize the kitchen using trendy colors and bold prints. If the kitchen floors and counters are in the form of classic colors, you can easily handle fashionable updates.

Think With Three Colors in Mind

Choose two colors that are dominant and ensure they can complement each other. You’ll then choose a third color that will act as an accent. The predominant colors are supposed to be simple, whereas the third one is supposed to look great when combined with the complementing colors. If you’ve opted for granite countertops or different stone materials, the accent color will be among the colors present on the counter.

Before committing yourself, you should try out different colors first in some parts of your house. You need to ensure you’ll love each color combination while ensuring that all shades work together well.

Consider the Texture and the Color

After choosing the accent colors, you can picture how the kitchen will look and feel. You should then consider the finish and texture. The same colors normally look different when you choose high-gloss or matte finishes. You can also select a sharp-edged modern or rustic appearance design. For those who prefer simple colors, you can add interest using rich textures. You can opt for smooth marble or rough stone.

Final Thoughts

When you follow the tips listed above, you can easily match the flooring and cabinets. You can learn more by consulting with our professional home remodelers today!


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