Edison, New Jersey is a small town with a lot to offer. In this blog post, we will explore Edison’s history and what it has in store for the future. The town of Edison was originally called Raritan Township until 1891 when it was renamed after Thomas A. Edison who had just developed the light bulb. The township borders Middlesex County on its north side and shares its southern border with Woodbridge Township which is located across the Raritan River from Metuchen Borough in Middlesex County. Edison, New Jersey is a town that has it all. From great restaurants to wonderful parks and even a zoo, Edison has something for everyone. Learn information about Piscataway, NJ.

This small town of 43,000 people prides itself on being the “City with Lots to Do.” If you are looking for an area to live in New Jersey, look no further than this thriving community! There are tons of wonderful public attractions in Edison, New Jersey such as the Menlo Park Mall and the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. The Menlo Park Mall is a great place to take your family shopping and dining while visiting Edison, NJ! If you like history, make sure to check out the Thomas Edison National Historical Park which features replicas of his famous inventions. Discover facts about Reasons to Live in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey.

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