Cranford, New Jersey, is a small city that is located in Union County. It was originally part of Westfield until it was incorporated as its own town in 1871. Crane-Phillips House Museum is a house museum that has been preserving Cranston’s history since 1991. Learn more here.

They are open to the public six days a week and offer guided tours through the restored home for visitors. Crane-Phillips House Museum also offers plenty of educational programs for students who want to learn more about this historic site! Cranford Crane-Phillips House Museum is a historic house museum that has been managed by the Cranford Historical Society since 1951. The Crane-Phillips House was built in 1892 and became one of the first homes to be electrified on Central Avenue, now known as South Union Avenue. It later served as an apartment building from 1927 until it was purchased for use as a museum in 1950, preserving Cranston’s history through tours and exhibits. Learn more about Unami Park: A Place to Unwind in Cranford, NJ.


The Crane-Phillips family had lived there for many years before they sold it at auction in 1925, with all contents included, including furniture, silverware, paintings, etc. Many artifacts are still displayed around the house, which gives visitors an idea of what life must have been like during those times.

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