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Choosing The Right Color For Your Floor

Choosing The Right Color For Your Floor

One of the most important elements in home design is the floor. Seeing as it takes a big space in the house, the wrong color can make your home less appealing. While most people do not think about this, the right color looks great and complements your home décor. However, the job is not as easy as one may assume. There are many options to choose from that you can quickly get confused when selecting. Here is a guide to choosing the right color for your floor.

The Size Of Your Home

Besides aesthetics, floor colors can give a room a certain feel. If you have a small room, go with lighter colors such as light oak and beige. Since the room is smaller, flooring in a lighter shade will make it appear bigger and more spacious. But when a room is bigger, consider darker tones like wenge and walnut. They can make the room feel cozier.

Consider Your Current Décor And Color palette

The colors of your floor should match your existing home aesthetics. This includes details like wall paint and trims colors, appliance colors, furniture, rugs, etc. If you have dark cabinets, consider a lighter color for your floors to contrast but complement the current hues. The same applies to your furniture, rugs, countertops, etc. Keep in mind that you do not always have to match your floor color to your cabinet doors or furniture. This can backfire on you, making the room feel flat and boring.

Factor In Your Lifestyle

Darker floors, particularly wood flooring, tend to show blemishes like scratches more clearly than lighter woods. On the other hand, lighter floors show dirt easily, meaning you will feel like you have to clean the floor constantly. If you clean regularly, lighter shades will suit you just fine. But when you have kids or pets who are always messy, darker colors tend to be the best alternative.

Natural Light

Just like your wall paint, as light evolves during the day, you may notice different shades on your flooring. Before deciding on one color, use samples first. Take them home and observe them during the day. Whichever sample you are happy with, choose it. Both artificial and natural light can also influence the choice of color. When your rooms lack enough natural light, a light flooring color will make the room feel brighter.

Sanding And Staining

If you are unhappy with your floor color but do not want to replace it, you can simply stain it with the color of your choice. This option only applies to homeowners with wooden timber floors. Again, factor in your décor, the mood you want to create, and your taste when choosing the stain color. You have multiple options, from lighter to darker shades. If you are not sure which color is best, when requesting home remodeling services in South Plainfield, NJ, ask the contractors for advice.

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