Owens Park is a beautiful nature hike that features a stunning view of the Delaware River. Owens Park offers miles of trails, and there are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife along the way! Owens Park has been designated as an Important Bird Area by New Jersey Audubon Society because it provides a habitat for migratory birds on their journey north or south each year. Owens park also offers fishing in both freshwater and saltwater, so pack your poles if you’re looking for some fishing fun! Owens Park is also home to a variety of other plants and animals, such as the eastern box turtle. Owens park sits at an elevation of about 125 feet above sea level. Information can be found here.

Owens Park is located in Williamstown, NJ and it’s one of my favorite outdoor spots for hiking! The park has some amazing views from the top of a mountain that you can enjoy while walking around. It’s an easy hike with hills but nothing too intense so anyone who wants to get out there should be able to try it without any problems. See here for information about Wildflowers All-Around: Mary Mazza Duffy Memorial Park in Williamstown, NJ.

Owens Park is located in Williamstown, NJ, and opens all year round which makes visiting at any point possible. I recommend going when the leaves change color because it looks beautiful surrounded by fall colors!

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