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Bathroom Remodeling – Factors to Consider When Planning Your Timeline Hillside, NJ

Bathroom Remodeling – Factors to Consider When Planning Your Timeline Hillside, NJ


Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Bathroom remodeling is a great investment. It can add significant value to your home if you opt to sell in future. It can also add to the comfort of your home. While we only spend a few minutes a day in our bathrooms, they can be places we go to decompress in complete privacy.

Remodeling a bathroom however, can cause great inconvenience to the residents of the home. Whether you have another bathroom in the home or just the one, having the facilities unavailable for any amount of time as well as workmen within the house can cause disruption to household. It is therefore best to plan the timeline of your bathroom remodeling project carefully.

Bathroom Remodeling | Hillside, NJ

There are several factors that will influence project timelines. These include:

  • The type of bathroom being remodeled

If you’re only having your powder room or guest toilet remodeled, you can be a little more flexible with your plans. Many contractors are able to get started much quicker on small projects such as these. These projects often don’t require permits and often take a short time to complete. Contractors will be glad to put more involving projects on hold to get the job done and get their money quicker.

  • Whether the project requires a permit or not

Some bathroom remodels require permits before you can begin the work. These include remodels that will result in structural changes of the house such as expanding a bathroom or converting a closet into a master bath. This means that there will be some extra steps involved such as having plans drawn for the changes you intend to implement. It may also take several weeks to acquire the permits. You should factor all these in your timeline.

  • Whether you are decisive

If you keep changing your mind about the design and the materials to be incorporated into the bathroom, there’s a good chance that the remodel will take longer than expected. However, if you’re able to decide on what you want quicker, the contractor is able to acquire the materials and get started on the project much sooner.

  • The number of jobs your contractor has

If your contractor is busy with other projects, there’s a good chance that you will have to wait for your project to be scheduled in. If this is a contractor you trust and are willing to wait for, you can agree on the best dates to begin the remodel and make other preparations in the meantime.


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