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An Approximate And Realistic Timeline Of A Kitchen Remodel

An Approximate And Realistic Timeline Of A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling may take time to complete, particularly if you want major changes. Knowing how long the remodeling takes is important to have realistic expectations.

Learn how long a kitchen remodeling usually takes and what kitchen designers in NJ  you can trust to get the best kitchen remodeling services that can guarantee quality output on top of everything else.

What Does It Take To Remodel Your Kitchen?

To fully understand the timeline of your kitchen remodeling, you must first know the things necessary to complete it. It starts with the planning stage, where you and your chosen contractor discuss your ideas and select the best materials and appliances that suit the style of your remodeled kitchen.

Once you are done planning, the construction begins with removing your existing kitchen and installing all light fixtures, and appliances. The next phase is installing insulation, drywall, and flooring. Your contractor will then install countertops and cabinets—allowing you to see what your kitchen may look like after the remodeling.

In the next phase, your contractor will finish hardwood floors, install plumbing fixtures and backsplashes, and start painting. Once these are done, all electrical fixtures and appliances will be placed in their designated areas. After a little bit of final cleanup and small touch-ups, you can now finally use your newly remodeled kitchen.

What Is An Appropriate And Realistic Timeline For Kitchen Remodeling?

Although it takes an average of about six to eight weeks to remodel a kitchen, many factors contribute to the actual length of the remodeling, which can either shorten or lengthen the process.

Homeowners who have larger kitchen space should also expect the remodeling to take much longer. Usually, remodeling of larger kitchens takes about nine to 12 weeks.

These figures do not take into account the planning and design phase, which may take longer due to indecision. Along with that, extensive remodels that involve changing fixtures and entirely overhauling the design may add 1-2 months to this timeframe.

It’s also important to remember that delays can happen even with careful planning. This typically happens when there’s a delay in the shipment of the materials or poor home conditions (such as plumbing issues).

Your contractor’s lack of experience could cause other delays. Inexperienced contractors will typically take longer to fill out the necessary forms, and they may have to redo mistakes they made during the remodeling process.

In short, while some factors are out of you and your contractor’s control, you will have the smallest chance of delays if you choose an experienced contractor.

Let The Best Kitchen Designers In NJ Help You

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