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5 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Bigger

5 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Bigger

Are you feeling cramped in your small bathroom? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many homeowners find themselves struggling with the lack of space in their bathrooms. However, just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. There are many ways to make a small bathroom the perfect oasis right at home!

Add Mirrors

When people think of small bathrooms, they often picture a cramped space that feels tight and uncomfortable. But with the right design elements, you can create an illusion of more room in your bathroom. Mirrors are one way to do this: using them strategically around your bathroom will give off the feeling that there is much larger than what meets the eye.

Adding them above vanities or sinks creates depth by reflecting light from multiple angles throughout the space. Be creative with your mirror choice!  You could go from fun rectangular to exciting round mirrors!

Use of Colors

Dark colors have a way of making small spaces feel smaller but picked correctly, they can bring depth to the space. Also, try using light and bright shades to make the room feel more open. This is especially true for paint colors – go with whites, creams, and other light hues to give the illusion of more space. Tile and flooring can also play into this effect; choose tiles that are light in color instead of dark ones (unless you’re going for a specific look). Feel overwhelmed with the choices? Let a professional in bathroom remodeling in Somerset County, NJ help you visualize the possibilities. 

Remove Unnecessary furniture

Furniture takes up valuable space in any room, but it’s especially true in small bathrooms. If you’re not using something, get rid of it! This includes shelves and storage cabinets that only collect clutter. Every little bit helps when trying to make a bathroom feel bigger.

Storage that Fits

Storage is a big factor when creatively reevaluating bathroom space. Sometimes cabinets can make the space feel cramped and congested. When reimaging your storage, start by measuring for a sleeker cabinet or exploring other solutions that better fit your bathroom space. Consider hanging baskets on the wall or installing open shelves to help with the organization while giving the room an airier feel.

Seek a Professional

Are you still deciding on what to do about the size of your bathroom? Maybe simply changing the wall color or adding things like mirrors and storage won’t work for you.  However, talking to professional bathroom contractors in NJ can guide you with remodeling and maximizing your space.


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