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5 Kitchen Trends Worth Considering

5 Kitchen Trends Worth Considering

Trends change quickly If you are considering a kitchen remodel in 2022, our experts are here to share with you which trends are worth the time and money. 

Bold Color Schemes

In 2022, muted colors and earth tones are making way for bright and bold colors. Bold kitchen cabinet designs in primary colors like red and yellow, and more distinctive colors like turquoise and mauve can add some visual interest to your kitchen space. If you have ever dreamed of a vibrant, colorful kitchen, it’s time to do your remodel!

Textured Backsplashes

Thick, textured backsplashes are becoming increasingly popular due to their visual interest. You spend a lot of time working, chopping, and preparing food in front of a backsplash. Rough and textured backsplashes impart a different, rustic atmosphere.

Larger Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is both a prep space and a social area. In 2022, more homeowners are envisioning the kitchen as a place to cook and spend time together. Planning an extra large kitchen island welcomes more people to the party and makes it easier for multiple cooks to share the space.

High Tech Appliances

A modern kitchen isn’t complete without technology that makes gourmet cooking easy and accessible. The latest high-tech appliances, from cold foam espresso makers to energy-efficient air-fryers, can make your culinary life easier and tastier.

Don’t plan a kitchen remodel without thinking about how you will use your kitchen. A lot of the time, adding appliances that improve your life is as important to improving your kitchen as repainting or redoing the floor.

High-End Countertops

You have many choices when it comes to countertops. In 2022, more people are choosing to spend a sizable part of their budget on kitchen countertops. These surfaces define the kitchen space. Some of the most popular options are marble, travertine, and quartzite. A beautiful kitchen countertop is the highlight of a remodel and can elevate the space in a way other kitchen features can’t.

Contact a Contractor to Work With You

If you’re not a DIY expert, remodeling your kitchen can be a challenge. You need to learn a lot of different skills to be able to remodel a kitchen, and getting the design and implementation exactly as you want isn’t easy. Although it is tempting to try to save money by doing everything yourself, in many situations you can save both money and time by working with a skilled and experienced contractor. Reach out to our home remodeling contractor in Edison, NJ for a free consultation! 

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