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5 Farmhouse Kitchen Trends Worth Doing

5 Farmhouse Kitchen Trends Worth Doing

The farmhouse style is timeless and features beautiful fixtures with rustic, weathered details. If you want to incorporate this farmhouse trend into your kitchen décor, there are a few essential elements to consider for an updated, farmhouse aesthetic. Here are five trends that our experts think are worth the investment. 

1. Marble Counters

Marble has remained a favorite choice for countertops since time immemorial, likely because they are durable and timeless — not to mention beautiful. But you do not need to use marble to create a clean-lined kitchen with a farmhouse feel; soapstone or granite will also provide ample contrast to the cabinets and surrounding decor.

If you are looking to make an investment in your kitchen that will last, marble countertops will provide beauty, function, and durability. While white does serve as a popular backdrop for many styles, the use of gray and other colors of marble can add interest to the kitchen. You can also add one or two pops of color for an authentic farmhouse feel. For example, green hues are popular with farmhouse-style decor and complement the earthy tones of the top kitchen remodeling company in Cinnaminson. NJ tends to use.

2. Built-in Appliances

When it comes to appliances, built-in is a helpful feature if you do not have a lot of space in your kitchen. Save on floor space and cabinet space by having your fridge and stove built into the counter. For your frequently utilized appliances, like your microwave, range, or refrigerator, perhaps opt for an all-in-one countertop model.

3. Color

In a farmhouse kitchen, natural elements such as light and nature are prioritized over synthetic choices. These elements help create a welcoming and relaxing ambiance with a twist of elegance. So if you want traditional and classic touches in your farmhouse kitchen, do not forget to include some natural elements! Common colors in traditional farmhouses are beige, brown, and greens — but there is always something else to choose from, depending on the style of the home you are creating.

Color helps define space and keep everything balanced in a small kitchen. Opt for dark brown cabinets and countertops with a green island to complement neutral tones throughout the rest of the kitchen. Remember: you can be bold with your paint choice — you do not have to stick to one color! 

4. Decorative Hardware

Hardware can make or break a farmhouse look, and it is worth investing in it properly. For example, antique-style drawer pulls and hinges create a rustic, chic look in your home.

If you want a more formal farmhouse look, you can request the kitchen contractors in Mercer County, NJ to add brass or chrome legs to your cabinets and drawer pulls. One caveat: The natural wood used for the cabinets is an integral part of the farmhouse style — so use it for cabinet and drawer pulls. And avoid using knobs made from plastic unless you have a particular aesthetic in mind.

5. Flooring

The most notable flooring choice in the kitchen when creating a farmhouse kitchen is tile; however, other hardwoods or plank floors are common alternatives. Choose a high-quality material that complements the rest of the decor in your home, such as light wood flooring, for an elegant yet rustic look. 

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