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3 Ways To Upgrading Your Shower

3 Ways To Upgrading Your Shower

If you have been hesitating to renovate your bathroom, it may be time to give it a fresh start. Upgrading the look of your bathroom helps you feel more like you live in a cozy home, but it also allows for more room for storing shower essentials! But before you get started with transforming your bathroom, make sure to focus on these three crucial upgrades that will make a difference in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

1. Replace Your Shower Head With A New One

Replacing the shower head includes one of the most crucial steps towards upgrading your shower experience because it makes everything else easier, from setup to maintenance. A new shower head can help you save water and money because it will take less time for the water to become warm, which means you waste less energy. In addition, it is one less thing you have to worry about because the old shower head had a lifetime guarantee. This step is easy to complete once you have the new shower head. It takes unscrewing your old shower head and screwing in your new one, then flushing out any leftover pieces from your previous model.

2. Increase Your Water Pressure

You can accomplish this by replacing the hose or installing a booster pump.

Replacing Your Hose

Replacing your hose might be a simple task, but it still involves stuffing the hose between two outer walls of your shower – in your attic or behind a door. Often, this is the most cost-effective method because it does not require any extra installation work. You can take a hose to a nearby plumbing shop, and they will do all of the work for you. The only downside to this step is that repair crews might not know how to fit these hoses into their walls or ceilings, so it is best to do this yourself.

Booster Pump

A professional plumber can install a booster pump between the water supply pipe and the shower head. It automatically pressurizes the water flow and will ensure your water will always be at a consistent temperature and pressure, even when you lift your faucet. This is a step that many building inspectors recommend doing because it ensures that all of your family members get an optimal shower and that your pipes are protected from leaking or bursting. That requires some skill and knowledge, but spending more time in the shower can be worth it.

3. Install A Flow Restrictor

Flow restrictors are little plastic sponges placed between the shower head and the pressure hose. It has been said that having a flow restrictor is one of the best ways to save water and money because it lowers your water usage by more than 50%. Of course, this can take some time to get used to if you have always had a strong flow shower head. The solution is to place these restrictors over the shower head and test out different ones until you find one that feels right.

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