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3 Cabinet Colors That Will Maintain For Years

3 Cabinet Colors That Will Maintain For Years

We all want our homes to be beautiful and functional. So it’s no wonder that many kitchen cabinets are white. This standard color choice is great for cleanliness and adding various other accent colors and materials. However, it will fade after several years, and at this point, your kitchen will look like it has seen better days. Instead of going with the standard white, it’s time to explore other cabinet color options that will last for many years to come.

Picking The Right Color

Although hard to deviate from the typical, some colors are hard to get dirty and will look nice for years. Here are three cabinet colors that are worth exploring:

Inky Black

It is a pretty dark neutral color that absorbs light, which is great for kitchens. It does not have to be a standard black- you can go with other shades like charcoal or charcoal gray. This choice looks fantastic in any home style because it has a simple but elegant look. It’s a great and unique choice to dramatically update your kitchen. 

Light Beige

If you’re not ready to drastically change your cabinet color, light beige cabinets are perfect for kitchens. The light, neutral shade is also easy to clean and absorb other, accent colors. When working on the kitchen renovations in Salem County, NJ, you can go with light yellow or cream colors to make it look unique but still have a clean and simple look. 

Dark Gray

Dark grays are hard to get dirty and look fabulous in any kitchen style (modern, contemporary or traditional). It can also help hide stains and is easy to clean. If you want your kitchen to look like it just came out of a magazine, try the dark gray cabinets. Although it may be more of a challenge, a contractor can guide you through the array of choices that will make your kitchen stand out beyond the typical white.

Contact The Kitchen Remodeling Experts

While the preference is entirely up to you, choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets is vital to bringing the space to life. Although the process can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be with experts in kitchen cabinet remodeling in New Jersey.

At Five Star Remodeling, we understand the importance of customer service. We value our client’s opinions and welcome any feedback on our work! We are available to answer all your questions and concerns and to help you plan any of your home remodeling projects.

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